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We also try to keep our members as educated as possible about how fraud can happen over the internet, so that they can understand and take proper action if they find themselves in a situation like this.

Please read our past blog archives, and this letter, if you would like to learn more about these issues.

The scammer even went as far as setting up a fake business website to help legitimize the claim.

In addition, Turkish authorities were able to arrest an associate of the Nigerian scammer at the bank in question.

The Skype and email accounts used by “David Holmes” were traced back to a location in Nigeria.

By the time that someone in her life contacted the authorities, the woman had wired an additional $200,000 as a second loan to help the fake oil rig business.

Fortunately, the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office was able to move quickly and freeze the $200,000 transaction with the help of Turkish banking officials.

HP Product Laptop, Rose Flower and xmas flower, Sunny Digital Camera, Gold necklace with ring (engagement ring), christmas card, two of my personal pictures and the sum of (£10,000) pounds sealed in the same computer pack NB: Go to the company website click tracking and paste the Username and password to long in, you see your information and thereafter click below to paste the Tracking no: to see the movement of the parcel to know when the gift will arrive.

We find that some people with good instincts tend to have an easy time choosing quality people to meet and sensing which to avoid, and some other people have to learn the hard way.

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First question – why a site like Christian Mingle???

From an actual victim: “I guess that I thought that a Christian dating site would be safe.” The more innocent and safe-seeming the dating site is, the easier it is for a romance scammer to prey on victims.

In our effort to educate, we have in the past given specific examples of fraud that was conducted on our website.

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