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When I was young I made a decision to begin waiting for sex until marriage.I don’t remember a specific time or age when I made this decision. I always planned on waiting because in my mind, it was the right thing to do.The camera thing kinda worked out for me and I’ve been lucky enough to do some fitness modeling.

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I can’t begin to tell you the opportunities for sex that came my way while I was waiting.

Crazy opportunities I’ve never heard of people having and opportunities I would never have imagined I would have to turn down.

If there is any place on this planet that makes it hard to wait to have sex and least understands people who choose to wait, it’s Los Angeles. There were long stretches when I was alone (in the relationship sense of the word) in Memphis, TN and Los Angeles.

Waiting while I was alone was harder because when you are not in a relationship and you are waiting for the right one, the months and sometimes years tick by and you start to lose hope.

Five months ago I got married to the most wonderful girl I could imagine. I wouldn’t be so naive to tell you that waiting is the only reason for those things, nor would I lie to myself and promise it’ll be a cakewalk from now on. Waiting isn’t easy It isn’t easy for a lot of reasons and most of them I don’t have to tell you about.

It’s funny to me that after thirty-two years of waiting and imagining what my life would be, nothing turned out the way I imagined. But I know that waiting was part of it, and I can tell you that when it’s right, it’s right. In fact, not only is it as hard as you think it is, it’s harder.Taking the hard path is always difficult, but remember, comfort zones don’t build character. People won’t understand I waited because I’m a Christian and firmly believe it’s what God wants.However, in the age we live in, people don’t understand a choice like that, and the sad truth is neither do most Christians.I’ve always had an aversion to following the crowd or taking the same path as everyone else.It’s a difficult trait to have as an adult, but as a teenager it’s a huge problem.The Bible covers topics relating to dating, relationships, friendships, forgiveness, and others that help provide biblical guidance for Christians to follow.

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