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In the Church, however, it is very difficult for single Christians to mention their sexual desires for fear of being thought unspiritual, even though those thoughts are never far from our minds.

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The app, which launched in April with the tagline "Christian Dating.

Reimagined" and a sleek dove logo, is marketing itself as a "Christian Tinder," with swiping and photo-heavy profiles plus a few bonuses: the person's denominational affiliation, their favorite Bible verse, how often they go to church. As a shallow carbon copy of Tinder, however, the app falls short in meeting the real-life dating needs of religious young people.

Now they're politics and religion." Everyone laughed. If my two interests in life consisted of sex and more sex, I'd be in trouble.

If nothing else, chastity does force one to develop more wide-ranging interests.

After reading it, she shot me a look reminiscent of the last Ice Age, then tapped out a few editing suggestions. "What most people think about on Friday nights," she noted, "is how they can have sex."Another afternoon I was writing a story on a black Baptist group when in walked a co-worker with a potboiler on a former nun. I picked it up, half-guessing its contents: a nun spends years fighting restrictions imposed by her order and finally leaves it, but not until the explosive scene near the end where she happily loses her virginity.

Only then does she feel she has finally become a woman. About the same time, a single friend asked to meet me for breakfast.

(The poll takers didn't seek men's reactions.) Time magazine has stated that at current rates, 40 percent of today's fourteen-year-old girls will be pregnant at least once by the age of twenty.

(Many, of course, will have abortions.)A sociologist, Robert Sherwin from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, studied how long people were keeping their virginity.

When people need a place for support, some head for a bar. But in most congregations virtue is assumed but not taught or even actively encouraged.

Books abound on sexual technique for married Christians, but little exists for the unmarried that is not simplistic and insulting to anyone of average intelligence and normal desires.

Today, some people still remain pure, chaste, and wholesome . Those who make a case for sex outside of marriage are seen as open, warm, gentle, pastoral, flexible, understanding, and caring.

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