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A opta ediție a studiului bienal Pw C Global Family Business Survey a fost realizată pe un eșantion de 2.802 proprietari și directori executivi din cadrul afacerilor de familie din 50 de țări la nivel global, inclusiv România.

A treia ediția a raportului asupra principalelor rezultate pentru țara noastră are la bază răspunsurile a 68 de lideri ai afacerilor de familie din România.

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A strong character and pure lines carry a distinctively clean look supported by the invisible power of advanced technology.

The fine lines tell a story about the flow of energy, the flow of taste, the flow of life.

Our ' Workforce of the future' report examines four worlds of work in 2030, to show how competing forces are shaping the workforces and jobs of the future.

Pw C's global People and Organisation Leaders, Jon Williams, Carol Stubbings and Bhushan Sethi discuss how these forces this will influence the world of work over the next decade.

This the first time that our working capital experts have looked at working capital performance in relation to enterprise value - with interesting results.

The report provides insight on sectors, territories and companies of all sizes.

What are the real opportunities and threats for your business?

Drawing on a detailed analysis of the business impact of AI, we at Pw C identify the...

A project favoured by Interior Minister Lorenz Caffier who was present in person at the deportations.

Haunting, moving images unlike anything seen before, repeated week after week as hundreds of asylum seekers are...

As our client, you expect us to understand your business, and the unique context within which you define value.

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