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She had loved again, but just as before it didn't last.

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Bella is sent away from Forks to get over her depresive state after Edward leaves her in New Moon. Helping out a new friend when he meets his demise, the two plot some not so good-natured revenge as they continue to watch the 'good guys' bring about certain destruction.

Bella is then sent to Mystic Falls to live with some distant family members and realises that not everything is what it seems. Basically, I created a character and injected her into Season 4B. Of course, there is more than meets the eye as a certain Original finds his match. One year after his sisters death and a month after Edward leaves Bella, and Charlie talks to Bella.

Ivar meets a young lady who will help him to succeed in his destiny. So deciding to return to the person she was she agrees. Bella Swan, doppelganger, ends up being the missing piece to Klaus's ritual.

Will contain, Fighting, Language, Sex Scenes, sacrifice's, Graphic content. Only this sets in motion a romance that ends up being everything she could ever want.

In Denver, while Kol is watching Jeremy at his brother's request an unlikely comradeship is formed. After everything Walter has faced while working as a government contractor, he encounters what might be the most difficult challenge of his life. L'arrivée de Remus et Tonks à Privet Drive va changer le reste de sa vie...

Then Kol also meets Bella, and every rule is thrown out the window as the three bond in love and friendship. He finds a catatonic Paige in her apartment after receiving a call from Cabe that her car had been totaled during the night. Retour en 1976After the showdown at the boathouse, Killian is left on his own.

Her home life wasn't the most stable but her parents would burn down the entire city to the ground for their little girl. Edward leaves Bella but she isn't broken up about it. For them, it was exactly what they both needed, until it wasn't.

Smart and deadly, she proudly took after her parents. But her life still has many twists and turns and one leads her back to her family home in Mystic Falls where she falls for someone else. A love story between two people who don't want to admit that they're in love. Klaus gets a second chance at having a family when he comes across a little girl by a lake.

But that just means there's more time to get to know each other better.

[For colinodamnoghue as part of CS Secret Shipmates].Être secouru, créer une organisation dans l'ombre, tout gérer et avoir le devoir de tuer quelqu'un. Mais il saura s'entourer d'amis pour continuer à vivre.

Bella/Kol pairing, Bella/Jeremy friendship *Mature Content*Elena's older sister Isabella left when their parents died, now she's back. How will be react to her sister dating a vampire, will she find out? When he approaches her, she falls apart, and he doesn't know how to mend her broken pieces. Zelena ambushes him with the intention to take his heart and force him to take Emma's powers.

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