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DEALERS IN REAL ESTATE AND ADC TIONEERS Can have their Diagrams and Outline Map* print.

It* long use has proved it to be beyond comparison; and, ls-ing a vegetable produc- tion.

and you can obtain a black or brow n which w ill defy the twxt judges to tell it from natii’t ir elf.

S3' Drawinqt conducted under the superintend- ence of the State Lottery Commissioner.

As all these Tickets wilt no doubt be sold by the day * of draw ing, persons at a distance will forward their ol - der* as noun a* possible.

He guaranties to furnish them the best specimens of Ambrotypea, Photograph*. i*i ue jt rents and cue dollar per bottle i J* Phalon's l’APHIAN LOTION, OK FLORAL BEAUT 1FLBB.

It ha* stood the text of twen- ty years in this country, and not one of the many hundred* of imita- tion* have leen able to compete with it for preserving, dressing, and beautifying t he keeping the head cleat from dandruff. It i* ine»l imaide; in short, it is everything the li: ir require*. ) ECEIVED FIRST PRIZE MEDALS I in competition with the i**st mak -— ^ er of Boston. J TWO K1 1; S T PBI7-E MEDALS at the J J iff J J tain General of Cuba, will take place at HAVANA , on FRIDAY, April 17th, 1857. TRUMAN, at Hayes, Craig A Co.'s, pensed for calls they make. The most complete a: tide of the kind ever Ix fore offered to the public. A sure aud -ate cure for the Piles — one waxhiug will give instant relief. It keeps tin- hand* Soft ami white, aud for all influm- nta'-ieus of the »kiu it will he found to lie a great rem- edy. Policies, Concert and Ball Tickets, Programmes, Arc.

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