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If nothing physical happens between you and your ‘sextling’, are you still a properly horrible nasty scumbag love rat, or is sexting more of a low grade sin than, say, snogging or shagging another person? Libby, 32: For me, the judgement isn’t as clear cut, and it comes down to intent.

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Yale, its chief Ivy League rival, saw an oddly similar “scouting report” of freshmen women surface a few years ago.

Other prominent campuses that are currently grappling with even more serious issues include (but are not limited to): Though college sports teams are getting the majority of the scrutiny of late, sexual misconduct has also been a longstanding issue on US campuses at large, especially in the last few years as administrations adopt more open policies about reporting assault and students speak out on social media and other platforms.

I’d like to see this healthy, proactive approach extended more widely throughout relationships and among non fet-scene folk. It’s so easy to sext – you can tap out a suggestive sentence and hit send in less time than it takes to Immac off your top lip; perhaps in less time than it takes to think your actions through thoroughly.

Sexts have the potential to be a spontaneous frivolity, an ill-judged quip sent in a ‘moment of madness’, or when drunk, or while you’re temporarily smarting from a bust-up with your lover and seeking comfort or revenge.

According to Harvard’s student newspaper, the men’s team in 2012 produced an extensive “scouting report” detailing the appearances and hypothetical favored sexual positions of individual female recruits—and then apparently made it into something of a yearly tradition.

The documents included such remarks as: Unpleasant as the discovery might be, Harvard is only the latest US school to have a sports team tied up in a sexism-related scandal.

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They don’t always reflect a deep attraction to the recipient, that’s been stewing for a long time; they can be much more impromptu and flippant.

Do you think sexting is more forgivable when it’s of this throwaway, unplanned nature?

At the start of yesterday, Harvard’s men’s soccer team was top of the Ivy League and well on its way to a spot in this year’s NCAA tournament.

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