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But the rest of the detainees had nothing to do with the flags.

They appear to be part of a general push by the government to appease a disgruntled public.

This is the highest number of arrests ever recorded in Egypt, EIPR says.

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Egypt is in the grips of grueling financial crisis: The value of the Egyptian pound has halved since a currency float last November, inflation has soared past 30 percent, and unwieldy subsidies have been slashed.

Instead of focusing on the woes of the state, Egyptian television channels, that are often censored by the authorities, have been awash with angry commentators discussing ways in which to “cure” homosexuality and save society.

Shadia Thabet, a member of the parliament’s health committee, meanwhile urged jail terms for “inciting” homosexuality on social media to be raised to seven years.

Outspoken pro-regime TV presenter and MP Mostafa Bakry submitted a formal request to the parliament to ask the government to ban eight rights groups, including EIPR, that had criticized the crackdown on the LGBT community.

In the written complaint he said supporting homosexuality represented an “assault on religious beliefs, moral ideas,” was an “offense to all Egyptians,” and “violated the constitution.” Amr Adeeb, a TV presenter at Qahira Wa Ness channel, compared homosexuality to “extremists” and people who marry and rape children.

This has all contributed to a public hysteria which is fueling new arrests, according to Ahmed Hossam, a human rights lawyer representing several detainees swept up in the crackdown.

He had added a potential love interest to a group chat after him meeting online.

“Seconds later my friend left the group chat and called me to say this was his cousin, he was definitely a police officer,” the man said.

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I initially thought the lack of promptness here was an artifact of the generally laid-back culture, now I see it as more of a psychological survival tactic.

The Egyptian public, which is increasingly conservative, often cheers from the sidelines. 19 at least 70 men and women accused of being gay have been rounded up, according to the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR).

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