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This is particularly true with regard to how the Dutch related to the ethnic Chinese but it is also true of how the Dutch related to missionary work and the way they parceled out the country to different missionary groups.

And the ethnic Chinese of course are a perennial target any time social unrest breaks out.

Two faulty assumptions I would like to dismiss at the outset.

And there was a previous episode in 1997 that produced large-scale deaths, and was largely between indigenous Dayaks and some indigenous Malays against the immigrant Madurese group.

This issue of migrants against indigenous people is a major theme that runs through communal conflict in Indonesia. Again the worst episode was this past spring when there were about 300 people killed.

One is the historic colonial roots of the conflict.

This I will not say much about but only let you know that some policies of the Dutch colonial government in Indonesia set the stage for many of these conflicts.

This in turn took on an ethnic component when the dominant ethnic group represented by the government happened to be in conflict with the local indigenous population.

Rapid economic changes clearly produced changes as well including additional resentment against the ethnic Chinese.

There are actually a lot of historical, political and economic factors that are lying at the root of it.

We have also got the conflict in West Kalimantan, which is now somewhat quiescent, but in 1999 it broke out again with hundreds of people killed.

Nevertheless, there are factors in the political mix that are not making things any easier.

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