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Ultimately, the early efforts of these inventors would lead to the world’s first electrical television a few years later.The world’s first electronic television was created by a 21 year old inventor named Philo Taylor Farnsworth.They involved mechanically scanning images then transmitting those images onto a screen.

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Farnsworth was miles ahead of any mechanical television system invented to-date.

Farnsworth’s system captured moving images using a beam of electrons (basically, a primitive camera).

Scientologists are likely to buy time on local TV stations to air shows as other religions do, said Bill Carroll, vice-president of Katz Television Group, which advises TV stations on programming.

They could create their own cable channel, he said, but could also get a license from the Federal Communications Commission to operate a broadcast channel by adhering to FCC rules on children's programming, news and other regulations.

Prior to electric televisions, we had mechanical televisions.

These early televisions started appearing in the early 1800s.

”Between 19, mechanical television inventors continued to tweak and test their creations.

However, they were all doomed to be obsolete in comparison to modern electrical televisions: by 1934, all TVs had been converted into the electronic system.

The first image ever transmitted by television was a simple line.

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