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A pilot flying Nicholas and friends between Orange County and Las Vegas in 2001 once had to wear an oxygen mask to avoid marijuana smoke, the papers said.Based in the quiet, conservative Orange County city of Irvine, Broadcom is one of Southern California’s top technology firms, making microchips for everything from Apple i Phones to networking equipment.Plus, Nicholas is alleged to have distributed and used controlled substances on a private plane around 2001, forcing the pilot to put on an oxygen mask to escape cockpit drug fumes.

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Marijuana smoke in cockpit The two indictments cover dozens of pages.

Prosecutors argue Nicholas stocked a warehouse with drugs and electronics for parties.

“This is a classic case of government overreaching,” Marmaro said in a statement.

Federal indictments unsealed today may shed some light on why billionaire Henry Nicholas III reportedly was seen hanging out in a California courthouse this week and last week, awaiting possible charges in the hope of reducing potential bail restrictions.

Broadcom’s former CEO took cocaine and spiked customers’ drinks with Ecstasy while also directing a criminal stock-options backdating conspiracy that cost the microchip company $2,2-billion, federal indictments released on Thursday charged.

Former chief executive and company co-founder Henry Nicholas III also hired prostitutes for himself and others and then used pay-offs or threatened violence to keep the conduct secret, one federal indictment alleges.

Started with 000 from each founder, Broadcom is now worth nearly -billion.

But in 2007 it restated financial results and took more than ,2-billion in charges for additional compensation expenses of options given to employees with manipulated dates in order to maximize their value.

Federal prosecutors said the grand jury indictments were unsealed after Dr.

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