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"This makes this town more superficial and particularly brutal for the rest of us." But with the advent of Tinder (and, as of July 7, Tinder Verified), plus a slew of increasingly niche online dating sites and apps, Hollywood hotness — once the exclusive domain of the glamorati — at last has become democratized, with multitudes of executives, production assistants, celebrities, screenwriters, interns, tech moguls and, yes, even billionaires swiping, clicking and searching online for their next husband/girlfriend/one-night stand/future ex, all mostly within a 23-mile radius.

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It includes daters spying industry colleagues behind Photoshopped pictures and managers trying to meet people outside the business but consecutively failing many times over or having one's dates insist on sharing their acting reels.

At least the discomfort can pay off: In 2014, one in three marriages originated from a computer or mobile screen.

It's brought new heat to the industry and is benefiting everyone," including Tinder president and co-founder Sean Rad, who met his girlfriend Alexa Dell (daughter of tech billionaire Michael Dell) on his own app.

"What we've done," says Rad, "is take rejection out of dating." And now with Tinder Verification, which celebrities can apply for, notables can prove they're the real deal and not catfish.

All participants are vetted for income, which probably is why Matthew Perry prefers it.

With 2 billion page views a month, has the most and broadest dating options (Melissa Rivers, Jenny Mc Carthy and Martha Stewart have indulged)."Next, I met a man who claimed to be a director, and I represent directors. "I swiped on an actor on Tinder," laughs a veteran PR woman. marketing exec with her own firm met on Match a well-known actor with whom she indulged in a fling. I didn't want to seem like a celebrity kiss-ass." A female TV personality was thrilled to date a famous baseball player on Plenty of Fish, which transformed them into a power couple favored by the media."He didn't swipe me, but later he came in for representation. "Months later, I was working a Golden Globes suite, gifting celebs, when he strolled in. "Then a year later, when we mutually broke up, every outlet in the world covered it, reporting he dumped me." Add online dating's temptation to misrepresent to the new fluidity of sexuality, and the lines can blur even more. Then he said he'd never been with a guy before."Swipe right" and "swipe left" now are synonymous with yes and no, hot or not.But for a Hollywood club that con­nects you with the geographically convenient and desirable, it isn't exactly VIP-private. The more information you can get about a person or a subject, the more you can pour into a potential project. I want to do things that have a better chance of being thought of as original.

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