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Cheers I googled, and yes you can, though it's rare... your (. Not much but enough to know that if there was some serious sucking I could BF again. You will end up thinking you have breast cancer or something.

It is so uncommon that most Drs never see a case (or even know about it!

), and quite a few health professionals have looked at me as if I am crazy when I tell them lol. I had a breast ultrasound done a couple of weeks ago due to me finding a lump.

Not overly concerned and will see a Dr if it is still there or worse in the morning but am wondering in the mean time.

Will also head off to google now although I feel a little fuddled so not sure how good I will go. I'm not too sure but just wanted to say that I have not breastfed for nearly 18 months and still sometimes get colostrum like leakages.

When I was in my late teens, I had really bad pains in my left breast and went and saw my doctor who told me it was "hormonal mastitis". I had something very similar to this before my last period arrived.

This was a good 15 years before I became pregnant, eventually went away and needed no real treatment. It looked like mastitis to me intially but lasted for around two days and then disapeared without any medical help.

You can get mastitis if bacteria enters your ducts somehow, like through a crack or some trauma on your breast, so perhaps if this is happened to you, then it is possible to get it without feeding.

Sorry, that was a bit of a shot in the dark while trying to remember what I know of the pathophysiology of mastitis, without getting off my ass and looking through the midwifery text that is two feet away from me.

Strangely enough I had never had mastitis whilst breast feeding DS!

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