Boy dating sasha obama

She like Justin Bieber but they are not in any kind of romantic relation.While talking to the Magazine, Obama told them that these inevitable relationships with boys do not sound good.The older Obama sibling will start classes at Harvard in the fall after taking a gap year.

She is adolescent yet and not reach the age of 18 but we have noticed that she has got interest in boys.

She has grown up over the past four years and now its time for her to explore the world of the opposite gender.

So that is why she has good sense to make a relationship, before long we will get a news that will shock you.

If we have a look on Micelle obama it gives us the confirmation that Malia Obama will not be single for long time.

While he was on Georgia, he clearly gave this hint that his daughter Malia who is 14 years old has been officially dating now.

It was reported that with regard to this statement the White House officials did not gave any of the comments.

Sasha Obama has been photographed at Lollapalooza kissing a boy identified as Matt Metzler.

Both of former President Barack Obama's daughters, Sasha and Malia, were attending the musical festival in Chicago and popped up in social media posts enjoying the shows, Celebrity Insider reports.

Sasha and Malia are 16 and 19 years old, respectively. Others told those criticizing the younger Obama sister to give Sasha privacy. "Y'all who aren't teens anymore were teens so don't trip," warned another commenter.

"Matt gonna get Sasha Obama," read the caption of a photo that showed Sasha with a boy in sunglasses and a floral shirt. "I love how they waited until after they left the White House to live their life carefree," wrote another.

Pictures taken inside the lounge show 18-year-old sat with a friend at a booth, as they split a basket of chips and salsa.

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