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He was nevertheless charged with first-degree murder after a pathologist conducted an autopsy and concluded the boy was smothered to death.

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Traylor had testified that cerebral and cellular changes he observed were a side effect of suffocation.

The defense experts said that the cerebral and cellular changes would have taken hours to develop, during which time the child had to have been alive.

The prosecution also presented evidence that Crawford was unemployed, frequently smoked marijuana and had been convicted in the past of marijuana offenses to suggest he was not a responsible parent. James Traylor, Jr., a pathologist from the University Health Center at Louisiana State University, performed an autopsy and discovered hemorrhaging on the boy’s buttocks, which he said resulted from blunt force trauma.

He also observed 12 separate contusions to the child's body, including seven on his forehead.

Although the acute symptoms subsided, he frequently had cold symptoms.

Detectives testified that Crawford told them that he was preparing to give the boy a bath two nights before he died, and the boy had fallen in the bathroom when Crawford left him alone briefly to get a towel.

One family member testified that the boy also had a wheeze.

When he was eight months old, Roderius had been treated at a hospital for an upper respiratory infection.

The trial judge denied that motion and the testimonial phase of the trial began.

Several family members testified for the prosecution that Crawford had been a loving, caring father to Roderius from the day the boy was born and that Crawford was there to cradle him immediately after birth.

Traylor said the child’s death was a homicide due to smothering.

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