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Hey there folks, your friendly neighborhood Squixen here. Does anyone know of any PGH groups that wouldn't mind catering to a novice player [in terms of the current edition] and a newbie character? We made lots of smiles, shared many hugs and posed for a ton of photos in and around the August Wilson Center in downtown Pittsburgh. The Cultural Trust has cancelled the First Night Parade due to the extreme temperatures expected on NYE.Haven't been on this site in a long while, so I guess reintroduction might be in order. 35 year old Squixen (squirrel/fox hybrid) from Springfield. They are moving as much of the activities scheduled for outside indoors., I would love to have a halfsuit done of the wolf in second Life that I had commissioned.

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I just lost two of my three players due to scheduling. I run a modified Pathfinder using some homebrew anthro races. This may seem strange and out of the blue, but screw it. When: January 20th 9pm - January 21st 1am (with possible Sheetz afterwards)How much: $13 for four games and shoes Where: AMF Mt. We had a small crowd this year of 28 furs, 16 of which were in costume at this year's unique location in the Coin Vault in the Drury Plaza Pittsburgh, once the site of Pittsburgh's Federal Reserve Bank.

Game is in the Western suburbs of Philly, and O like to play at minimum, once a month. I haven't played a game of Dn D since 1994 and I kinda want to get back into it. We had to raise the price to $13 due to some requirements from the lanes, but everything is the same otherwise! Lebanon Lanes: 1601 Washington Road, Pittsburgh PA 15228More Info: https:// Let Whitek or me know if you have any questions or concerns! The furs were very well received once again this year.

I've also been starting to make fursuits, the cat fursuit in my avatar is the third head I've made and my first partial.

I'm currently working on what I hope will become my first full suit-- I'd like to have it finished in time for anthrocon 2018!

I share my house with a roommate, and my dog Thorn. I love cartoons, movies, the paranormal, pool, archery, and am gaining an appreciation of cooking. Anything they can't bring inside will be cancelled.

I'm currently single, working full time, and trying to enjoy life. However, the bands and performers involved in the parade, that includes us, have been specially invited to the newly created "Parade Party" at the August Wilson Center.

Found some people nearby, but was wondering if anyone was in the college it self.

Would be cool to find out Hi everyone, I am looking forward for more philadelphia furs from anywhere to come join my furmeet group furries of the dawn We are getting bigger everyday, And I Love new people :3, well we are currently a max of 50 people if we get to 50 im thinking about extending it to unlimited so feel free to join https:// Anyfur Is welcome to join Hello! I am just your average dude..maybe more then average I guess but only just a bit not enough to really be "special" in anyway.

Some of my favorite series include Mass Effect, Monster Hunter and Warhammer 40k.

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