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The building is a Station / residence – Type 1 – sub-type 2 , dating from 1869.

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The second platform has what is an interesting feature which is curved and sloping brick retaining walls at the rear of the platform.

SIGNAL BOX This is a small modest Signal box Type 3, dating from 1914.

This saw a crossing loop and two sidings built along with a goods shed.

Passengers used Cobb n Co coaches pulled by horses to travel from Rydal to Bathurst in this short time as the line was expanded.

Rydal is located on the Main Western line between Lithgow and Bathurst and was built as the main line headed towards Bathurst.

The station officially opened on 1 July 1870 and upon completion Rydal was for a short time the line terminus station.

Rydal’s small but distinctive building was designed with Victorian Gothic features with a unique layout as the station also incorporated the station masters residence in the same overall building design.

This design feature was not done at that many stations across NSW, with only 5 other stations having a similar setup.

OTHERS Other minor changes to the railway station since construction include a new shunting neck (1890), stockyards and ‘out of’ room which was demolished in 1983.

A loading guage marker is a remnant of the peak wool trade on the rail and is one of the few remaining such structures. It is a reminder of the importance of the Rydal once held in the region, with the once booming wool production years.

This rail traffic saw the town of Rydal next to the station flourish but as traffic slowed down the town also shrank as people moved away. , also showing the goods shed and crane which was once in place.

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