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Laurel works as a teacher of fine art at Alfred University in the village of Alfred 500 kilometers from New York City.

The deal is that they won’t meet each other until seven o’clock the same evening in the gallery at the opening that Martin and Sixten have organized to officially welcome the two women and kickstart the week.

But I was always terrible, terrible, terrible at love. The purpose: to get to know each other and to find the best way to approach the week. Tanya’s mails to Laurel show that Tanya is very nervous about living publicly.

I liked the idea that the wooloo-guys were reaching towards an international community.

So I set up my account, I was really honest in my application, I said, I’ve always been very skilled at art and the business behind it, I’m organized, I’m ambitious, I always had good luck with work. During the two months preceding the opening she and Tanya have been in frequent contact via email.

So we were just trying to talk that out, and she didn’t seem to really want to...

I didn’t feel heard – for whatever reason that is, whether it’s from me projecting or whether she was in an atmosphere where she couldn’t actually hear well.

Laurel made 'Lick’ to express her unconditional belief in the power of art after seeing artworks made by a Buddhist mentor at her college whom she had a crush on. ”Personally I’ve always had bad luck with partnership.

During the last five years she has made a number of art performances of which at least six are documented on video. In ’Lick’, Laurel lies on her stomach for seven hours without a break, licking every tile in a six meter wide and 40 meter long tile-covered corridor in the college where she was studying at the time of the performance. I ask her: What made you make a profile on wooloo.org?

But the message is clear: Tanya wants her ideas to exist, and one had better comply with her.

The night before, Laurel had a phone conversation with Tanya that made Laurel so nervous she couldn’t fall asleep.

Tanya deals with Hugo Boss – not only because the clothing company profited economically by having prisoners of war make uniforms for the Nazis.

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