Automatic updates not updating

Such a thing can happen to any app and does give you a good reason not to update automatically.The adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" holds true.Sometimes bugfixes add more bugs, and sometimes new features aren't improvements at all.

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This means that your apps will remain up to date with all the latest features and bug-fixes that the developers come up with, without you having to do a single thing.

And these days apps roll out bug fixes faster than you can say, "update", so keeping the app updates on automatic makes a lot of sense.

Sometimes your apps not automatically updating is because you don’t connect to a good Wi-Fi network or you’ve enabled Cellular update.

You can download and automatically update apps on i OS 11 via Cellular or Wi-Fi network, but it’s recommended to use Wi-Fi update only for it’s fast and you may run out of Cellular plan.

But there are some major drawbacks involved as well, and these might cause you to rethink your automatic update policy.

For one thing, if automatic updates are enabled and not just limited to Wi-Fi, then you could end up inadvertently spending huge amounts of money as every small update is downloaded over your 3G connection.

For example, we're big fans of the i OS game Crossy Road - or were, until the latest update.

We were playing it happily on an i Pad 3 until it auto-updated.

To turn updates on or off, follow these steps: On i OS, you can choose to either have automatic updates on or off, and if on, you can choose whether or not to use your mobile connection to download apps.

There's no way to disable automatic app updates for individual apps on i OS - this means that either all apps will update, or none.

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