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Angela Huynh, 24, is another Randian who got hooked as a teenager.

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Zader was an 18-year-old freshman at the University of New Mexico when he first consumed .

“I didn’t get off the couch for three days until I was done with it,” he says.

He pulled her head back and he forced her mouth open against his. I kept a journal that I would fill with quotes I liked from the books, the stuff that struck me as meaningful.” But Kate’s very favorite lines never made it into the diary. The first time I read , the courtroom scene—that long soliloquy where she goes on and on about her philosophy—I skimmed it.

Kate first read that scene when she was 12 years old. I was really more interested in the sex scenes.” When Kate first discovered Rand, “Sex wasn’t even a part of my vocabulary,” she says.

But the really fucked-up thing was that I didn’t realize back then that those scenes were rapes.” It’s not unusual for readers to turn to Rand at a formative time in their lives.

“It happens at all ages, but I think it does happen more commonly among young people,” says Joshua Zader, creator of the Atlasphere, a social networking Web site that connects objectivists around the world.

Consider this scene, from Rand’s 1943 novel, The She tried to tear herself away from him.

The effort broke against his arms that had not felt it.

“People who are into dominance and submission tend to have their own vernacular,” says Zader.

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