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Introduction Assassin's Creed 2 (AC2) was delayed for release on the PC, coming roughly four months after its release on the XBox 360 and Play Station 3.Unfortunately, it seems that aside from the delays, AC2 will be remembered primarily for introducing a new form of copy protection/Digital Rights Management (DRM) developed by Ubisoft.

This number will then be linked to your Ubisoft account, which means you can login and play the game on any one machine at any time with no install limits.

Note that login can be made automatic the next time you launch AC2; you don't need to enter the username or password each time you launch AC2.

In short it appears that if you enjoyed AC1, you will enjoy AC2.

Ubisoft's New DRM The official details of the new copy protection/DRM implemented in Assassin's Creed 2 are provided here, but basically it requires that you have a permanent Internet connection to play the game.

Screenshots are shown below: Note that the entire process usually takes only 5-10 seconds in total from clicking the game launch icon to seeing the AC2 in-game splash screen, similar to the login time required for Steam games.

You can reduce this login time by choosing not to have your saved games stored online.

This is done by clicking the small cog icon in the top right corner of the Ubisoft Game Launcher window, as show below: 5.

At this point the game launches and there is no further sign of DRM, nor any other requirements other than having to keep an active Internet connection.

A simple check of Task Manager or the Process Explorer utility shows no traces of any resident programs. Let's be clear: like most people, I don't particularly like any form of DRM.

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