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“At that tournament, I realized I liked winning a lot,” Aryan said laughing.

“After that, I became a lot more serious in my training and thought I could really do well in tennis.” Aryan first started taking lessons at the Cupertino Sports Center when he was eight years old, and then started to train with Lu Tang at 10 years old.

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Although he decided to be serious about tennis only two years ago, his achievements are already impressive.

His first breakthrough performance took place at the 2015 Junior Sectional Championships in the boys’ 12s division where he swept both singles and doubles’ draws.

“It was definitely a new experience for me, a little bit scary at first, but I got more comfortable and was ready for whatever was coming at me.” Before entering a National tournament, Aryan played in several local boys’ 16s tournaments.

“The size and the power are really different, it’s a big jump from the 14s, so I had to get used to it.

He has certain special powers that he is unaware of and discovers it along his journey. India, or at least urban middle-class India, is currently undergoing rapid Westernization.[2] Predictably enough, opinion is sharply divided on how good or bad a thing this is.

He is the biggest counter force against all the negative forces and calamities that can strike the Earth. Indians under 30, especially, are adopting Western clothing, pizza delivery, English slang, and rap/hip-hop culture.

“I love working with Lu, I wouldn’t be at the level I’m at if it weren’t for him.” Ever since that tournament, Aryan has been on the fast track.

He swept the boys’ 14s Summer Junior Sectional Championships last year, and has since won several national titles.

Currently attending Archbishop Mitty High School, in San Jose, CA, balancing both is no easy task, but Aryan finds a way to make it work.

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