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The façade of the building consists of a tall portico, inspired by Classical architecture, with twelve columns and a triangular pediment on top.The portico lends the building the appearance of an ancient temple rather than a Catholic church.

In 1620, Buenos Aires was made seat of a bishopric by Pope Paul V. After 1662, the cathedral was again rebuilt under bishop Cristóbal de la Mancha y Velazco and governor José Martínez de Salazar, being re-inaugurated in 1671.

The cathedral now had three naves covered by a wooden roof and a tower.

The only portions still standing were the façade and towers, but the rest of the building needed to be completely rebuilt once again.

Italian architect Antonio Masella was put in charge of the project, and the works began already in 1753.

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) is the main Catholic church in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Due to the bad quality of its building materials, the tower and the roof of this church fell down in the early 1680s.

The whole church was again rebuilt, starting in 1684, under bishop Azcona Imberto.

The second tower was begun in 1722 and finished around 1725.

The main façade was redesigned between 17 by the Italian Jesuit Giovanni Bianchi (also spelled Blanqui).

Masella designed a majestic church, much larger than the previous structure, with a three-aisled nave covered with barrel vaulting and lateral chapels. Upon completion of the dome, however, fissures in the structure were detected and it had to be rebuilt.

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