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Then there is deflationary boom, a rare combination of rising economic activity and falling inflation, which according to some is theoretically not supposed to happen but may be the byproduct of advanced manufacturing technology and globalization.

Diflouromethylornithine (DFMO) is a word we may be hearing more about in the future.

By extension, anyone who got sloshed was described as binging or going on a binge.

2015 was a particularly rich year for me in terms of vocabulary.

More days than not, I felt compelled to research or muse about at least one word I came across in a document I was translating or editing or a newspaper, book, report, or online bulletin.

“Birling in one’s grave” turns out to be the Scottish equivalent to the more common evocation of someone spinning or turning in the same cramped quarters.

I was a bit surprised to see the Spanish word However, a rapid Internet search confirmed the word is used in US English to describe “a Mexican laborer admitted legally into the US for a short period to perform seasonal, usually agricultural, labor.” S.

Two examples: “She then picked it up and ran out of the cave…

the cave exploded and she didn’t look back at it exploding, she just kept on walking forward # super cool.” And, “The only thing I knew for sure was that I was going to get eaten (# frightened!!!

An to describe a situation in which a borrower’s creditors are assume some of the burden by means of partial write-offs.

BAT and BREF stand for best available techniques and best available techniques reference document respectively.

The following is a selection of words that were new to me, piqued my curiosity, or struck me as being particularly relevant last year.

I hope that a few will be of interest to the subscribers to this blog and Word Press readers in general.

Binge-watching is the Collins Dictionary’s 2015 word of year.

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