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I heard this rumor and at first I was like, "WHAT." But then I thought about it and..aww, that's cute.

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Only 168 people in the world can currently claim to be American Idol finalists; at the end of February, that number will rise to 178.

(Thanks to the variance of talent pools and Fox’s faith in Idol’s ability to pump up its ratings, the number of finalists has varied from season to season; the final run’s finalist-tally of ten matches that of its first year.) As a warm-up for this final run through the Idol choreography, we’ve decided to rank those singers who have reached the almost-winner’s circle.

Kristina: Allison, what is your debut album going to be like, and who are you working with? I'm getting some recording and writing with other awesome writers done out there.

It's like, OK go tour, go record, go write, go do press and photo shoots.

I picked up the bra and flung it back out in the audience.

But the panty, I just slid it around the stage with my foot. Zizim: The one question on everyone's minds: Is Anoop really dating Megan Joy?

Also wanted to say I am pretty sure you will get signed by a major label after the tour ends. I just got hired on for the Michigan-based for an online singing competition called . Mel Bear: What is more fun, doing the TV show or touring?

Matt Giraud: I've been talking to people, and I'm writing music. I'm looking for people who are passionate and different. I'm going to channel Paula [Abdul] a bit and be the nicer guy and try to help them out. Idol Fan1: Is it true the check into hotels under fake names? I can't say what mine is, but I can say it's just a made-up, random name that sounds Italian. Some of them are sayings, and one person's is something you have to say in a special way.

But there was something off about his rise to the top, especially when that final showdown came to pass. Sanjaya, a Stevie Wonder devotee, debuted on the show with a sweet rendition of “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours,” but over the coming weeks he would run straight off the rails, debuting a hairstyle dubbed the “ponyhawk” (note the camera’s focus on it at the ten-second mark of that clip) and turning in increasingly manic performances.

He capped his run off with a tweak of Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About,” replacing the chorus’s “How about love” with a sly “Other than hair.” 165.

Carrie Underwood’s season-four victory allowed Idol to mark some territory in Nashville, while Chris Daughtry’s fifth-season deployment of Shinedown and Live helped nudge open the door to performers bearing instruments, who were finally allowed inside the Idol sanctum in season seven.

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