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There’s occasional nudity and frequent f-bombs as well, but it’s the explicit violence and dark themes that really put this out of the YA range.

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This week, I’ll talk about the Young Adult shortlist and next week, the Elementary/Middle Grade one.

by Ozge Samanci Samanci’s graphic memoir tells of her childhood in Turkey in the 80s and 90s, a time of great political strife in the country.

The baddies in this volume are aliens with world domination on their minds.

It’s not a terribly unique storyline, but Faith is such a great character, I didn’t mind.

by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell (Young Adult).

Since I was a Round 2 judge, I couldn’t discuss my thoughts on each finalist as I read them – but now that the winners have been revealed, I’m free to do so.

It’s a fascinating backdrop for Samanci’s own coming of age.

She struggles to fit in, to please her parents, to excel in school, to understand her country’s shifting politics, and pursue her dreams – if she can figure out what those are.

It’s timely, engrossing, important, and moving, and the art is a terrific complement.

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