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The 2nd and especially 3rd floor bathrooms at the Columbus Circle Mall are gaining tearoom popularity. ) One of my favorites used to be any one of the 5 different men's rooms that were cruisy in the WTC, best one being the Vista Hotel, always active.The bathroom at The Rambles in Central Park (duh) The bathroom behind that fancy restaurant in Battery Park, name of retsaurant escapes me. It's open less and lass , but the men's room at the 34th and 6th subway station. Toilets have NO division, but the crackheads rule that roost. r28, it is a mixture of what r30 said (except it's no delusion - lots of guys at least leading a married/str8 life), the impersonal, no-tell environment (letting someone into your home, esp from Manhunt, means letting someone into your life, and I believe it a more dangerous pursuit than doing it in a public place), and - in my case - brings me back to my initial, sort of cautious, same-sex experiences of my youth in the good ol' 70's.

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I know the Port Authority men's room is the old standby, but what are some others? Now, unless you can offer any suggestions, be off with you.

I'm not a big fan of the adult book store scene...j a little too seedy for me. The restraints that the hets create for themselves don't apply to us.

It's also quick and you don't have to bring anybody home either.

He as there because he was raised in a culture that discriminated against him as a gay man, and worked in an industry that enforced his denial of homosexuality for many years.

Everyone of us is working it out as are those of you who have an oddly extreme need to scold people you've never met.

Truly says way more about those who choose to crash discussion groups and vomit petty, irrelevant and uninvited opinions.

R52 They are pickup joints for down low men and ones that want a quick thrill.

They also must be cheap because a whore or a rentboy would cost too much.......

This is what educated adults mean when they used the term "internalization." Once he internalized anti-gay attitudes, he continued to act out in ways that reinforced for him the fact that his sexuality placed him outside the bounds of legal behavior and deserved whatever punishment came afterward. He had a long time lover and could have discreetly gone to an escort.

And no, coming out doesn't fix such problems, as evidenced by the many, many, many gay men who continue to make decisions based upon the poor self-esteem they developed while growing up in a homophobic culture. There's a heightened thrill of being caught doing something like that.

He had a partner and could have had any rentboy of his choosing.

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