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Harry Leon Wilson replaced Bunner and remained editor until he resigned in 1902. Over the years, Puck employed many early cartoonists of note, including, Louis Dalrymple, Bernhard Gillam, Livingston Hopkins, Frederick Burr Opper, Louis Glackens, Albert Levering, Frank Nankivell, J. Pughe, Rose O'Neill, Charles Taylor, James Albert Wales and Eugene Zimmerman.

The Raven An 1890 Puck cartoon depicts President Benjamin Harrison at his desk wearing his grandfather's hat which is too big for his head, suggesting that he is not fit for the presidency.

The weekly magazine was founded by Joseph Keppler in St. It began publishing English and German language editions in March 1871.

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Puck was housed from 1887 in the landmark Chicago-style, Romanesque Revival Puck Building at Lafayette and Houston streets, New York City.

The steel-frame building was designed by architects Albert and Herman Wagner in 1885, as the world's largest lithographic pressworks under a single roof, with its own electricity-generating dynamo.

The cover always quoted Puck saying, "What fools these mortals be!

" The jaunty symbol of Puck is conceived as a putto in a top hat who admires himself in a hand-mirror.

He appears not only on the magazine covers but over the entrance to the Puck Building in New York's Nolita neighborhood, where the magazine was published, as well.

In May 1893, Puck Press published A Selection of Cartoons from Puck by Joseph Keppler (1877–1892) featuring 56 cartoons chosen by Keppler as his best work.

Also during 1893, Keppler temporarily moved to Chicago and published a smaller-format, 12-page version of Puck from the Chicago World's Fair grounds.

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