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Thousands of years ago, Egyptian children played with dolls that had wigs and movable limbs which were made from stone, pottery, and wood.

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In Iran "puzzle-locks" were made as early as the 17th century (AD).

Toys became more widespread with the changing attitudes towards children engendered by the Enlightenment.

The oldest known mechanical puzzle also comes from Greece and appeared in the 3rd century BC.

The game consisted of a square divided into 14 parts, and the aim was to create different shapes from these pieces.

Blowing bubbles from leftover washing up soap became a popular pastime, as shown in the painting The Soap Bubble (1739) by Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin.

Other popular toys included hoops, toy wagons, kites, spinning wheels and puppets.

Toys and games have been unearthed from the sites of ancient civilizations.

They have been written about in some of the oldest literature.

In the nineteenth century, the emphasis was put on toys that had an educational purpose to them, such as puzzles, books, cards and board games.

Religiously themed toys were also popular, including a model Noah's Ark with miniature animals and objects from other Bible scenes.

Adults on occasion use toys to form and strengthen social bonds, teach, help in therapy, and to remember and reinforce lessons from their youth.

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