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* Organize parent support groups arising out of the Sabbath School context, such as a cradle mothers’ group.Worship Service * Preach sermons on specific family topics.* Invite fathers or mothers as guest speakers with features for junior, earliteen, youth Sabbath Schools on family life themes.

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* Sing the special hymns for families from our hymn books.

* Feature a series on one of the family topics that is of high interest to the congregation and show how the Bible is practical to every day family living.

* Have couples or families lead various aspects of the worship-providing special music, reading scripture, announcing hymns or praying.

* Involve youth in leading congregational worship or serving as ushers or greeters.

Assign the topic “How Our Church (Sabbath School, Youth Group, Board of Elders, etc.) Can Strengthen Families.” Make specific plans to implement ideas and suggestions that arise.

* Plan a few minutes periodically for in-service education of council members.

MORE IDEAS FOR FAMILY MINISTRIES GIVE A FAMILY STRENGTHENING EMPHASIS TO EXISTING CHURCH ACTIVITIES Without adding new programs to an often already overcrowded church calendar, a family strengthening emphasis can be given to existing church services, programs and activities.

Sabbath School * Include occasional features in adult, children and youth divisions which deal with specific family themes.

* Plan some family-oriented events periodically at Pathfinder and other AY meetings such as socials or outings-camping, hiking.

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