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She teaches an adult-learner program structured so individuals can advance at their own pace. Enthusiasm and experience are key qualities when looking for an instructor for a beginning adult rider.

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LKatie Phalen: Riders should feel comfortable saying to their instructors "I don't feel comfortable going this fast at this gait." Riders need to be able to feel comfortable with their instructors.

La Katie Phalen: Position themselves so they can work either rein.

She has me standing up in the stirrups at a walk as upright as I can do it. Katie Phalen: There are often times I have a student who can't learn to sit and gait on their own horse.

When they take a longe lesson on a different horse--who might have a quieter seat. Know what it feels like to sit a trot on a horse with a quiet movement.

If you haven't cantered for a while, start cantering again with a trainer.

Katie Phalen: Once that's under control, you can think about cantering.

Practice 2-point--stay balanced over your center of gravity.

Katie Phalen: Laura, there's probably a good reason for riding a lesson horse during you class.

Still, try working on another horse, then go back and apply those feelings to work with your Walker. I have a student who has a Quarter Horse who lopes by diving into the gait.

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