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People who experience traumatic events have an increased risk of developing a range of mental disorders.

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These have been written by experts within specific organisations.

For example, the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States publish guidelines for use when a disaster occurs [].

However, few people have the knowledge and skills required to assist.

Simple guidelines may help members of the public to offer appropriate support when it is needed.

However, these guidelines are not aimed at informing the general public about supportive actions they can take and most of the actions recommended in these guidelines are not appropriate for the public.

While a number of guidelines have been written in the past several years for use by incidental helpers, none have been systematically developed or evaluated.The National Centre for PTSD, part of the Department of Veteran's Affairs in the United States, has a number of brochures which focus on responding after a traumatic event and supporting individuals with ASD and PTSD []. Sometimes such guidelines are written in response to specific events.The Centre for the Study of Traumatic Stress published guidelines for volunteers deployed in areas affected by the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 [].There is limited evidence that perceived positive social support after a traumatic event may protect against long term psychological injury, while perceived negative social support increases risk [].These factors appear to have different mechanisms, and both may operate at the same time; for example, a woman who has been sexually assaulted may perceive positive social support by most, which is helpful, but negative social support in the form of disgust or horror by a few people in her support network.In addition, they have not been proven to be effective.

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