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However, in its latest report to the Committee on the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), the government indicated that, in practice, discriminate against women continues at the household level especially, noting that “[m]ost communities in Tanzania are essentially patriarchal, whereby traditional norms, practices, and attitudes are centred on male domination”.

According to the joint NGO shadow report presented to CEDAW in 2008, the Law of Marriage Act is also discriminatory on several other grounds, including: Section 114, (2) (a), which requires the law to take into consideration customs of a community when dividing marital properties during divorce, many of which are discriminatory towards women; Section 125 (2) (c), which requires the court to consider the customs of the community when taking deciding custody matters after divorce, again, many of which are discriminatory toward women and; Sections 163-163, which tacitly allow a husband to beat his wife by requiring a very high burden of proof for crimes of bodily injury and other forms of domestic violence.

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In 2011, women were 62.81% of microfinance borrowers in Tanzania (of 16 institutions reporting) and 47.32% in 2012 (with 9 institutions reporting).

There are no stated legal restrictions on Tanzanian women’s access to public space.

There is no information on how this Act has been implemented, and whether its implementation has resulted in a higher percentage of women’s land ownership, and/or greater women’s land rights, in Tanzania.

However, since customary practices continue to restrict women’s access to land, it is unclear how successful such an amendment might be in significantly increasing women’s access to credit.

The shadow report indicates that the Law of Marriage Act is also discriminatory in that only men are allowed to sue their wives for desertion – women are not allowed to sue their husbands for the same and, similarly, women are the only ones to be viewed as adulterers under the law.

Rules 27 and 28 provide that a widow has no share in her husband’s estate if there are issues of the union and the husband cannot inherit from his wife who dies intestate, unless the wife left no children or any member of her own family.The law does not provide women equal inheritance rights as daughters.Under the Local Customary Law Declaration Order, No.4 (1963) males inherit movable and immovable properties absolutely, but females inherit immovable property only for their use during their life time.The minimum legal age for marriage is 15 years for women and 18 years for men, but the Marriage Act of 1971 allows exceptions for girls aged 14 years, with parental consent, and under “justifiable” circumstances.In 2013, the Tanzanian government presented the issue of minimum legal age of marriage to the Congressional Review Commission, who is currently holding forums across the country to debate the first draft of a new Constitution.According to this data, girls are more involved in household work, especially as they reach adolescence.

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