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We think we love our special partner, but really we fear them and hate them for not calling back or doing what we want them to do.We feel so beholden to this special partner because the ego makes us believe that we're missing something and that we can only feel complete in the arms of someone else.

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It's likely that the same lucky person is also the person you attack most in your mind.

Special love makes us neurotic, controlling, and insecure.

This is what the Course calls a "special love relationship." This kind of relationship isn't like your other relationships -- you come to believe you need this one special person to feel whole.

The special love relationship is exclusive, and it makes that one person better than you and everyone else. It convinces you that you can't live without this "special" partner, which is the root cause of codependency.

This new attitude will allow you to begin to appreciate the partner who brings up all your funky issues -- because you'll know the learning that is available to you.

Special Ain't So Special Ask yourself whom you have made special.

You put the needs of others in front of your own and deny your true feelings. Looking at your ego head-on is a powerful way to weaken its grip.

teaches us that relationships are opportunities for awesome spiritual growth.

As a student and teacher of the metaphysical text , I've come to understand how our ego (fear mind) wreaks havoc in the romantic arena.

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